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From planning, manufacturing and sales of hotels and inn Amenities
It is a company that supports total.
Please leave anything related to the amenity.
We will support "hospitality" to our customers, centering on amenities manufactured in our domestic factory.

Introduction of our service

Original package

Original package

Name-equipped amenities can be produced with small lot. From foil pushing to flexo printing etc, we will respond to various kinds.

Bedding custom made

Made to order bedding

We accept orders according to the style of your choice such as pillow, mattress, quilt cover, cover. We also handle gowns, yukata, work clothes and so on.

original brand

Mine original brand

We propose products tailored to the needs from a rich lineup of safe brands manufactured at domestic factory.

Inbound measures

Inbound product

We prepare a variety of products that are appreciated by foreigners towards government goals of 40 million foreign tourists visiting in 2020. Why do not you disclose "Japan-likeness"?

Biomass film

Biomass package

There are also products using biomass plastic packaging material "biomatec". We will propose as a corporate as an approach to environmental problems and as a PR for facilities with consideration for the environment.

Set items

Kids' Amenity · Women's Plan Set

It is possible to create a set product according to your wishes according to usage and price, such as ladies' set, children's set etc.

Contact Us

Are you troubled by introducing amenity or reviewing it? Please feel free to contact us.
We will solve your problem with many years of experience and abundant product lineup.