About our service

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We provide total support planning, manufacturing and sales of amenities for
hotels and inns
Please leave anything to us about amenity.
We support your ‘hospitality’ with amenities manufactured at our domestic factories.

Introduction of our service

Original package

Original package

​ ​You can make your original amenities in small  lots. Various products, such as foil stamping and  flexographic printing are available.

Bedding made to order

Made to order bedding

We accept orders according to the style of hotels  and facilityies , such as pillow, mattress and cover. We also handle gowns, yukata, samue.

Original brand

Mine original brand

​ ​Our products are manufactured at our domestic  factory. We propose various products to suit your  needs.

Foreign tourists measures

Product for foreign tourists

With the government's goal of 40 million foreign  visitors in 2020, we offer a wide range of products that are welcomed by foreign visitors. Would you  like to publicize the virtue of Japanese character?

Biomass film

Biomass package

​ ​Some products use biomass plastic packaging   material ‘BioMatec’. As CSR, we would like   to propose environmental initiatives and PR    activities for environment-friendly facilities.

Set items

Kids' Amenity · Ladies Plan Set

It is possible to create a set product, - Ladies' sets, Kid’s sets, and other products that meet your   needs, depending on the purpose and price.

Contact us

Do you have any problems with the introduction or review of amenities? Please feel free to contact us.
We will resolve your worries with our long experience and abundant product lineup.